Posted by: James Shannon | August 23, 2011

Packin’ In Pakse: Exploring Laos’ Southernmost City

Arriving in the dark for a second straight night, the scramble was on to find a place to sleep for the night …

Oooo, a huge tray of sweets!  Must buy som…. NO, GOTTA FIND SHELTER!  Step. away. from. the. treats!

Finally, a place to lay my hea … WHAAAAAAAA???  One of the more bizarre places I’ve gotten shuteye, but surprisingly comfortable!

The next morning, I set out to explore the streets of Pakse…

A view of the Xe Don River through tropical brush … the Xe Don is a tributary of the mighty Mekong River, which Pakse also abuts.

Boodah kitteh welcums u 2 mah temple … leef treats at gate KTHXBYE!

Fearsome dragons guard the entrance to the inner sanctum of this temple complex, found along a road that follows the Xe don River to its meeting with the Mekong

An ornately carved teak door greets monks and visitors alike at this wonderous wat

The saffron robes of the temple’s resident monks dry in the sun along the shoreline of the Xe Don river

The local tourism board office had this funny, but true PSA/comic about etiquette and laws travellers should be aware of and follow while in Laos … click on the image and then zoom in to read the blurbs!

Children’s furniture to us … riverside seating to Laotians!  Vendors prepare for the Beer Lao sunset crowd along the Mekong River…

Riverside restaurants, specializing in freshly caught seafood, lie anchored along the banks of the Mekong River in Pakse

Water buffalo crossing, Pakse

My last meal in Laos, and what a farewell … this stir-fry dish kicked my ass, it was so spicy!

After a full day in Pakse, the time had come to begin making tracks for one of my most feared countries of the trip, Cambodia.  Having heard about nothing but corruption, stray land mines, and elements of the Khmer Rouge still milling about the nation, it made me a bit nervous …

But what’s life without a little excitement?

After all, that’s what this blog (and my life) is all about!

Next time on PoE!


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