Posted by: James Shannon | August 16, 2011

En Route To Pakse: Travels And Tribulations In Southern Laos

I apologize in advance for the brevity of this post, but I just spent two hours crafting a masterpiece of a post … only to have it digested by WordPress/The World Wide Web/New World Order/Bob/etc.  What follows is a thumbnail sketch of what went down on the bus rides between Vientiane and Pakse, via Tha Khek … enjoy.

At the bus station in Vientiane … yes, that’s a motorbike affixed to the roof of the bus across the way!

Typical Lao countryside, halfway between Vientiane and Tha Khek

Roadside stand in Tha Khek, Laos … the previous night, I dodged some rabid dogs coming back from the downtown area after dinner … used some M-150 bottles and concrete fragments to set them straight 🙂

The penalty for being late for your bus in Laos … you have to sit on a hard, plastic stool in the aisle for hours on end … yay!

More roadside goodness … BBQ’ed chicken on-a-stick for $1 CDN … I love SE Asia!

Darkness falls before arrival in Pakse

Hopefully, the next post won’t get eaten up by WordPress as we explore Pakse … next time on PoE!



  1. Amazing pictures.

    • thanks, Laos was such a happy, rustic country … in spite of what little they have!

  2. I did this route 12 years ago looks like not much has changed. Except the price of course and they are getting used to seeing foreigners now.

    • Yeah, gorgeous country, but some of the more expensive bus tickets in all of SE Asia (except for Malaysia)

      Thanks for commenting!

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