Posted by: James Shannon | July 15, 2011

Lurking The Streets Of Luang Prabang, Part II: Views And Brews

Atop Phou Si hill near the Mekong River in Luang Prabang, Wat Pa Huak appealed to the mountain climber in me. Atop not only lay a spiritual landmark in the city, but a million dollar view of the surrounding area…

Starting at the bottom … let’s get my travel-fattened body into shape … onward and upward!

The whole path to the top is peppered with religious statues and Buddha idols…

Why the Tuesday Buddha?  … Because the Monday Buddha was just too much of a downer to be photographed and included in this blog post 😛

Finally, reached the top!  Glistening in sweat, I gazed around at the vista that surrounded me…

The city of Luang Prabang, Laos, nestled along the Nam Khan River

Luang Prabang’s international airport is in the background; when I was on my exploratory walk the previous day, there was a steady stream of low-flying jets roaring overhead … looks like the Bangkok crowd has caught on! 😛

Exotic tropical flowers, smoky haze from brush fires, the Mekong River, and Luang Prabang’s riverfront district combine to form a priceless scene…

Some rice-like concoction lies out to dry near the temple … likely the monk’s dinner.

Some tourists play on a former anti-aircraft gun … sigh …

Back down in town, I raced to get to one of the riverfront restaurants in time for sunset, to enjoy dinner while the sun was setting over the Mekong … on the way however was the nightly market; boar’s head, anyone?

Lots of interesting treats on offer … sooo hungee!

Got my Beer Lao…

… just in time for a show-stopping sunset … what a day Laos, what a day!

Next on deck … I hop a bus for the party capital (arguably) of the SE Asia backpacker trail, Vang Vieng.  Hold on to your hats, it’s about to get messy!


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