Posted by: James Shannon | July 4, 2011

In Motion: Monsoonal Rains In Malaysian Borneo

With crystal clear and azure blue waters on my mind, I boarded a bus for extreme Eastern Borneo (so far east, you’re a ferry hop from the Southern Phillipines).

What I got on the way was far from that: the rainest day I had ever seen in my life, then, passing through the small city/large town of Lahad Datu, a rampaging flash flood.  The very bottom fringe of my backpack got wet, but that pales in comparison to the crappy day the locals were having!

It added an hour+ to our journey, but it could have been worse.



  1. I had to go back and reread your blog to make sure you said “bus” ! I thought for a moment that you were on a boat!!

    • Yeah, it was a pretty wet day for sure! 🙂

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