Posted by: James Shannon | May 21, 2011

In Motion: “Wow, That Cloth Can Pick Up Anything … How Much For That Sham-Wow Knockoff?”

At this point in my trip, I was getting a little bit tired of night markets. In general, they tend to sell all of the same trinkets, the touts grind on you, and even the food choices disappoint sometimes (Chiang Mai Night Market Pad Thai, you almost turned me off the dish all together – gag!). However, Melaka (Malacca if you go by the colonial spelling), Malaysia was off to a running start on this night.

The Jonker Street Walk had a bizarre, yet fascinating karaoke contest (more on that here), I bought an unhealthy, but sinfully delicious stick of Tornado Chips (potato slices on a skewer coated in cheese, then deep-fried), and then I witnessed a demonstration of a strangely familiar product from back home … only it was a knockoff of Sham-Wow! Did an amazing job of cleaning up though, shoulda bought a bunch at wholesale over there, and flipped them for a profit here! 😛


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