Posted by: James Shannon | May 18, 2011

Rawai Beach: Phuket’s Diamond In The Rough

If you recall my first impression of Phuket from the photo essay I posted several days ago, you might think that I have a negative attitude towards the island.  Not true.  Even in the most touristy places, taking a short jaunt from the heart of the visitor district will take you to the true heart of the destination … from Khao San Road to local restaurants on a non-descript soi … from Sukhothai ruins to a waterfall hike that foreigners know little about … and in the case of today’s presentation, from the crushing crowds of Patong Beach to the deserted but brilliantly beautiful Rawai Beach.

Located at the southwest corner of Phuket Island, Rawai is mostly a working beach, where longtail boats used for fishing and transporting people to offshore islands are parked; this fact alone however is what gives this gem its charm…

I was greeted with this view after stepping off the songthaew bus from Phuket Town …

… that was just positively stunning.  I was mesmerized by it for a good ten minutes before moving along!

A Thai Buddhist spirit house set against a blissful background

Before long, the water beckoned, so I stripped off my shoes and waded into the shallow waters off Rawai Beach.  The bay is shin deep for 100 feet or so off shore, which makes for plenty of room to meditate on life whilst walking around in silky smooth, warm water.  In short, it was pretty rad!

Just staring off into space, without a care in the world…

Eventually, I did make my way back onto the beach, where it was no less beautiful.

God/Allah/Yahweh/The Universe/Bob bless Thailand, one of the most precious nations on Earth!

Walking back down Rawai’s main street to grab an ice cream, and then a songthaew back to Phuket Town, I stopped one more time to soak up the scene of what Phuket is truly about — timeless beauty in a decadent seaside setting!

And with that, it was time to move on … the plan was to move to to Koh Samui/Koh Phangan, but something came up that brought me back to the crossroads of SE Asia … AKA The Big Mango … BANGKOK!  What was it?  Stay tuned for the next episode of The Pursuit of Excitement!


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