Posted by: James Shannon | May 15, 2011

In Motion: Meet Merlion, The Tourism “Ambassador” of Singapore

You may have noticed a difference in the title of this post … no longer am I referring to video posts as Deleted Scenes. This is due to the fact that I have taken to segregating videos and photo essays into separate posts. I feel photo essays flow better without video interruption, and besides … I forget so frequently to embed video in certain posts that I just feel it’s best to do things this way.

Thus the new title for video posts. In Motion makes the videos feel like they are worth watching, unlike Deleted Scenes, which carries the implication that its B-grade material that can be skipped over (well, some of it maybe, but give it a fair trial first, eh? 😛 )

Today’s In Motion features the weird, but notorious mascot of the Singapore Tourism Board, Merlion! Marvel at its perpetual water-spouting ability, and its sauve half-mermaid(man?), half-lion looks…


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