Posted by: James Shannon | May 2, 2011

Deleted Scenes: Aerial Approach To Changi Airport In Singapore

Well, it’s been a while since I last posted, and I assure you I have a legitimate excuse for falling out of my pattern this time! During the drive across the United States on my way back to Alberta Canada, I was putting in 12+ hour days behind the wheel, and I was just mentally and physically exhausted.

Now, that I’m here in Jasper, fatigue isn’t a concern, but internet availability is … until my roommate arrives in a couple days, I won’t have the internet at home (this is being written from my favourite pizzeria in Jasper, Lou Lou’s). Once everything is sorted out at my place, I’ll have the tubes installed, then regular updating will begin again in earnest (after all, there is still 2 months worth of my SE Asian trip left to post, with theme posts to follow afterwards, and then, more general posts on the nature of excitement, and why it is the path to life fulfillment)

In the meantime, I offer to you the longest video of the trip … the approach to Singapore’s Changi Airport, aboard Air Asia! Plane nerds rejoice!

Seriously though, I will try to update as much as possible despite the lack of internet in my humble little abode … just be patient, and if worse comes to worse, go watch some kittens playing with yarn on Youtube … works for me! 😛


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