Posted by: James Shannon | April 9, 2011

Deleted Scenes: Blind Woman Sings In A Day Market, Chiang Mai, Thailand

After dealing with bad upload speeds for a while now, I can finally upload another video, yay!  This one hails from Chiang Mai … after spending Christmas in Pai, I moved down to the city to celebrate New Year’s in style.  While I was chilling the days away waiting for the big night, I was doing a great deal of wandering about, when I stumbled upon this women singing a very nice refrain for the shoppers in the day market.

I had run into this scene before in Pai, as it happened. My friend Katie explained to me that these folks, not having a social welfare system to depend upon like we do back in the developed world.  Thus, this poor woman, and others like her, either beg … or have more ambition, and use their available talents to hustle up a living.

Enjoy the beautiful voice of this marvelous lady below!



  1. Very nice, James

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