Posted by: James Shannon | March 25, 2011

Penang, Volume IV: Meet The Soultravelers … Afterwards, You’ll Have No Excuse To Not Travel (RE: I Have A Family, I Can’t Travel Like You James!)

After frying the circuitry of my HP camera with salty sea water, it was time to find a new point-and shoot to take its place, stat.  I care about capturing memories, and I also care about you, my family and friends, and my fellow citizens of the internet.  Subjecting you to endless text posts and photos that had already been taken by other people would have stripped this blog of its originality and integrity; I for one, will have none of that, no sir!

To remedy the situation, I purchased a SANYO digital camera (yes, they make cameras) in Georgetown, the urban core of Penang on the east coast of the island, at Komtar Mall for about 360RM (~$120).  10 megapixels, every bit as great as the HP in the image quality department, but it BEAT the HP in terms of video quality … smoother framerate, and the audio isn’t tinny and loud like the ole camera was!

Without further adieu, let’s meet the SANYO …

… by meeting Annie of Annie’s Homestay fame, and her husband (Annie, front right and her mate, front left), along with my fellow travelers staying at this fine estate in a choice neighbourhood of Batu Ferringhi!

I had been trying to meet a trio of Twitter celebrities, The Soultravelers, since I had arrived in Penang, as they do what I aim to do with my life long-term (and they are a family, to boot!), and they had convinced me to leave behind monsoonal rainclouds to seek out the glorious sunshine I had so desperately sought.

… but I had a whole day to kill first, so I decided to do some sightseeing.  This is the Floating Mosque, close to the northeast corner of Penang.  I didn’t go inside, as I had forgotten my legs (my Maligne shorts have zip-on/zip-off legs, lol)!

Beauty day on a beauty island

I arrived early to meet Jeanne, Da Vinci and Mozart (The Soultravelers), so I puttered around on Miami Beach (that’s what its called) … just another stunning beach in a series of stunning beaches on this amazing isle.

While I waited for Jeanne and co. to wrap up an intense work project session, she said I could make use of the apartment complex pool … I enjoyed myself needless to say, and so did Mozart (what a bright girl, and lucky to have such adventurous and bold parents)

Jeanne D’Arc …

… and Da Vinci.  They were great company, sharing their story of how a simple blog to keep family and friends appraised of their travails became one of the top travel blogs on the net (I think TIME has written about these guys!), and telling me to keeping plugging away, connect with people, etc … solid advice.  In case you are curious, Mozart was sick with a cold and turned in early, so I don’t have her pic, unfortunately.

Another choice sunset on the baller island of Penang.  This place has really grown on me, I’ll be back ASAP!

And with that, the time to depart my new favourite island, with equal parts beach, jungle and urbanity, had arrived.  The only thing was, I had no clue where to go next.  After a five hour, intensive travel strategy session, the path to my next travel adventure revealed itself … after a bus ride to Kuala Lumpur, I was to board another plane, this time to the mysterious city of Kota Kinabalu, on the dense tropical jungle island of Borneo!

Hold on to hats folks, it’s time to leave the beaten path, next time …

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  1. Quite the blog, James. Keep them coming. I love reading them.

    Love Mom

    • thanks!

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