Posted by: James Shannon | March 21, 2011

Penang Volume II: Penang National Park And The Trek To Monkey Beach

Well, I said I would document the death of my HP camera in this blog post. Alas, it is not to be … I had too many quality photos of Penang National Park to fit it all in one post, so this post is all about the most idyllic place in Penang … but you gotta work for it, or pay 20RM ($7 CDN) each way to Monkey Beach…

The entrance to Penang National Park.  Free admission, and a 75 minute hike to Monkey Beach … let’s get started!

15 minutes, I sight my first wild animal in the park: a monitor lizard.  These guys are huge, and backed into a corner or threatened, they can be very vicious indeed!  I left him to his own devices and used the telephoto lens on my point and shoot!

Looking back towards the jetty at the National Park gates where you can catch a five minute boat ride to Monkey Beach … but boats are for cheaters!  Hot and sweaty jungle hikes make you earn swims on dream beaches in my opinion!

Fisherman shacks sit in shallow water just offshore … just adds to the charm of the area

Another view of the fisherman shacks … notice the jetski on the rock outcrop?

A picturesque view through the edge of the jungle onto the Straits of Malacca

Along the way to Monkey Beach, I happened upon the University of Malaysia’s Marine Research Division … lucky students that get to study here!

Arrival at Monkey Beach … so so crowded, where does one plunk their butt down … I mean, there’s no room! 😛

No words required …


Hope you enjoyed Monkey Beach and Penang National Park … definitely a special corner of Southeast Asia, without a doubt!  Next time … the HP camera meets its end in the most appropriate manner possible!



  1. It sure is a dreamy place, James. You’ll have lots of stories to tell us when you get home. Take care.

    Love Mom ❤

    • Yup, currently in the lead for “The Beach” award imo, with only 1 1/2 weeks to go!

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