Posted by: James Shannon | March 20, 2011

Penang, Volume I … OR … At Long Last, Usable Internet, How Sweet It Is!

It’s been a while since the last photo essay, and after battling super-slow connection speeds that last two weeks, I have been fortunate to stumble across a wi-fi connection that will allow me to upload photos.

I’ve been waiting patiently to post the first part of Penang, Malaysia’s beauty … it’s one heck of a beautiful island, with food to match the stunning views …

Annie’s Homestay, my base for a whole week on Penang … located in a very tidy, wealthy suburb off the main resort beach of Batu Ferringhi!

If you examined the picture above very closely, you will notice that the entrances on both sides of the duplex have protective caging covering the windows and the main door.  This is to defend against roaming burglars, who will quickly enter any unprotected house during the day and make off with whatever they can grab.  As a result, I was issued a castle key to open and lock the cage on my side of the house.  A little scary that we needed that level of protection, but come on … castle keys are so cool!

The inside of my part of the duplex.  Most of the guest facilities are over on the other side, where Annie’s family lives as well.  This side they had just purchased and possessed from the previous owner two weeks prior, so it was still a work in progress.  The main area had a rare air of minimalism going for it, though … hope it doesn’t get too crowded in here by the time I come back 🙂

After settling in the first day, I went out towards the main beach area to get a proper feel for Batu Ferringhi …

The colourful produce of Penang Island on display for all to see (and purchase)!

For lunch: Malaysia’s national dish, nasi campur, with a side of chicken foot soup …

I reached the beach area, and despite the heavenly pics below, it is not the most serene beach in the world, with heavy seadoo, powerboat, and parasailing going on … it does look quite inviting though, and a welcome change from the rains I left behind down the coast (and snow for recently arrived guests from Euope/North America).  For idyllic beaches in Penang, just wait for my next essay … it’ll blow your socks off!

A beach resort on the rise: Condos and hotels continue to rise above the palm trees and the main beach at Batu Ferringhi

Don’t you just want to lay out a towel here and read a book all afternoon whilst sipping a fruity drink (infused with your choice of liquor)?  I know you do.  Come to Penang, it’s a brilliant place!

Arrival back at the homestay after a day filled with fun times on the beach, just in time for sunset!

Beach lovers … this is just the beginning.  Next post, witness the hidden (and overlooked) beaches of Penang’s north coast, which, having me under their spell, caused the premature death of my HP camera!

But it was a beautiful death, as you will see in the final pic of Penang Volume II … stay tuned!



  1. That place looks sick man. You’re having a nice trip, update more!!

    Happy travels!

    Tips hat,

    • Thanks man … updating as much as upload speeds allow … took the opportunity to put another post in the pipeline last night, should appear on the blog in about 12 hours from now!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous, James !!

    • It’s even better in person … makes me crave the beach again! Fortunately, I’m heading to Sihanoukville on a night bus tonight, and then onward to a place called Monkey Island (Koh Rong) … can’t wait! 🙂

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