Posted by: James Shannon | March 9, 2011

Vang Vieng, Laos: Home Of River Tubing, Television Sitcoms, And Snails That Can Outrun The Internet!

As you can guess from the title … yup, no photo essay again. The connection I’m on right on would take about 40 minutes to download a four minute video on Youtube at the worst video quality setting.

However, my bus trip here was far more enjoyable than the ride to Luang Prabang. This one happened during the day, so the jaw-droppingly beautiful mountains of Northern Laos were in full effect. It was an overcast day as well, so the temps on the tops of the mountains were sub 20c from the feel of it (we were probably at 5500-6500 feet, maybe higher) … for a Canadian who lives where summer isn’t necessarily a given, it was quite nostalgic.

As for Luang Prabang, beauty town! Tonnes of French-designed colonial era houses, a sweet mountain with Buddha images and an iconic temple at the top, brilliant views of the Mekong River and its confluence with the Nam Kahn, and the cuisine did not disappoint. I sampled a small taste this morning of the French influence on the food on my way out of town, as I bought a “small” baguette (which was rather big by my standards) filled with nutella and butter for 15,000 kip ($2 CDN) for breakfast. The bread was so fresh and flavourful … perfect start to my travel day, which are usually hectic and filled with not-so-wholesome food!

As for tomorrow: Tubing! And drinks! And reruns of Friends! Oh my Laos, you’re making quite the impression on me, keep it up!


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