Posted by: James Shannon | March 5, 2011

Random Wi-Fi Glitches Amuse Me … But I’m Laos Bound Tomorrow So That Makes Up For It!

Tonight was supposed to feature a photo essay on all things Penang … alas, my computer suddenly decided to stop working with my guesthouse’s wi-fi, so here I am, typing on a faded keyboard with tiny keys, resulting in a typo every five seconds … blargh!

My one full day in Chiang Rai (not to be confused with Chiang Mai) was eventful though, visiting markets and mosques and wats and everything in between. This town has the most blinging clock tower you’ve ever seen … just wait until you see the picture, it’s a piece of work!

Tomorrow I hop on a bus to Chiang Khong, and then a hop on a longtail boat to Huay Xai, Laos (there’s only one bridge across the Mekong to Laos along Thailand’s long border … gives you an idea how poor Laos is financially. But I’m hoping to experience the spiritual wealth of its people and culture … it all starts tomorrow!



  1. Sounds like you could use a new computer if ur keys are fading away. BTW, remember .. I want you to bring me back something southeast asian before you leave on April 11th … even something from the Beijing airport’s many gift shops will do 😛

    • buying souvenirs for all … the guesthouse computer had the keyboard in question, as mine was not connecting to the internet properly (it started working with the net right after, of course 😛 )

  2. Be careful James. I want you to come home to us.


    • no problem Mom, I got this 😛

  3. Please be careful, James

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