Posted by: James Shannon | February 4, 2011

Singapore: A Fine Haven For Foodies

After puttering around Thailand for almost two months, it was time to cross a new international border. The genesis of this very long day was born in the fact that (a) I had just busted the LCD on my travel alarm clock and (b) I had to get up at 4AM in the morning in an uber-comfortable hostel bed at NapPark Hostel (basically an impossibility with the alarm being broken).

Thus, I pulled the first all-nighter of my travels, planning to sleep on the plane and/or at my hostel in Singapore. After a night of web-surfing, movie watching, and drinking an unhealthy amount of Coca-Cola, I stumbled into a minivan and made my way towards Suvarnabhumi International Airport. After walking about a kilometre or so (seriously, this place is HUGE), I found my gate, had an Auntie Ann pretzel to quell my rumbling tummy, and then at 6:35AM, I boarded my Air Asia flight with service to Singapore…

So long Thailand!  My plane soars over the suburbs of Bangkok surrounded by omnipresent rice paddies, Thailand’s leading export.

After a few bumps of extra-rough tropical turbulence, we were above the clouds … time for some shut-eye, good night (and good morning!)

This is what happens when you book your onward flight to Singapore 3 1/2 months in advance … you book your departure at the crack of dawn, and you pre-order … … … A HOT DOG FOR BREAKFAST!  In case you’re wondering, it was filled with greasy, ketchupy goodness!

Apparently, Singapore has a very busy port.  Just a hunch.


Soon enough, we touched down one degree above the equator, in one of the major business hubs in the world … as well as one of the strictest countries when it comes to law and order.


They don’t fool around with fines here … not a misprint!

This strict attitude spills over into private sector regulations as well … check out the fine for disobedience at my hostel!


Whilst trying not to break the 313289 rules of Singapore, and the draconian punishments that they held (hey chill out Singaporeans, it’s all in good fu — HEY PUT THE RATTAN CANE DOW …. AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!)




All joking aside, Singapore is a mecca for foodies … check out the dishes I ate in the pics below (average price of each dish: $4-8 Singapore Dollars, or ~$2.70 – $5.50 CDN)

Chicken Shawarma, first meal I got when I got off the plane (Arabic dish)

Bibimbap (Korean dish)

Spaghetti Bolognese (Italian dish)

Chicken curry with yellow noodles (Chinese dish) … this portion size was huge, and it was the SMALL bowl … I couldn’t finish, and I was hungry to begin with!

Mutton Roti (Northern Indian Muslim dish)


Between meals, I saw the sights of the one of the major financial powerhouses on Earth …

Downtown Singapore, where high-powered corporations and banks set up offshore bank accounts for foreign clients, and holding companies help aforementioned clients structure companies that are safe from external governmental interference … Singapore is serious business.

The famous Marina Bay Sands Casino and Resort looms above the rest of downtown, with its surfboard-like awesomeness.

Untold thousands of Singaporeans gamboool it up at baccarat, blackjack, craps, roulette, etc at the Marina Bay Sands Casino … I only donated S$2 to a slot machine … no poker unfortunately 😦

The vast rows of apartment blocks in the Eastern suburbs stretch out into the distance, as viewed from the Marina Bay Sands Resort observation deck.  I was bummed though that there was no view of the famous infinity pool that looms over Downtown Singapore … that thing is so epic!


After four days of eating, dodging monsoonal rainshowers, and seeing the best sights that this city of four million + people had to offer, it was time to country hop once again.  Coming up next photo essay, say hello to Magnificent Malaysia!



  1. Great pics. Hope you didn’t break the pedometer I bought you! (And that it’s getting good use).

    • unfortunately it shorted out when my room flooded in Malacca, but I was logging 10,000+ steps a day most of the time when I was using it … wearing a backpack that weighs about 30 lbs adds to the workout! 🙂

  2. Shorted out?? Where the hell is Malacca??

    • Water tends to do that to electronics … Malacca (Melaka) is on the west coast of Pennisular Malaysia…

  3. Great Blog James. Remember when i told you about the show on Discovery channel about The Marina Bay sands. I was awed by it ,even on TV. Miss you. Keep safe. Love Mom

    • I do … it was an imposing figure on the S’pore skyline, and alot of fun to visit!

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