Posted by: James Shannon | February 2, 2011

Deleted Scenes: Fishes and Turtles

Greetings from Labuan, Malaysia everybody! After spending the last week in Eastern Sabah in Borneo, I’ve made my way west to Malaysia’s tax-free and financial offshoring haven! What does mean for you, dear traveler? It means cheap booze. Cheaper than Thailand. I just bought two tallboys of Dutch beer for 5 RM … that’s about $1.65 total for two 600ml beers!

About the sights … I’ll be tackling those over the next few days (beaches, WWII historical sites), but in my free time, I’ll be enjoying some fine beer/hooch at absurdly low prices … chocolate too! Dark cocoa high here I come!

Today’s deleted scene comes again from Auytthaya … this was an impressive video, but it got omitted because forgot to upload it, or I was tired after uploading a dozen plus photos and didn’t care … I forget exactly why.

Anyhow, here she be, enjoy!


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