Posted by: James Shannon | January 31, 2011

Ringing in 2011, Chiang Mai Style!

After enduring 5 days of deathly slow internet in Semporna (but amazing, eye-popping snorkeling), I once more have a workable connection. And with that comes the final photo essay on Thailand (for now, I’m due to arrive in and explore the South of Thailand in a week or so), fittingly enough shot on the final week of 2010 in Chiang Mai. The party atmosphere on New Year’s Eve was one that I will never forget in my life, as you will no doubt appreciate when you see the pictures below …

Before heading off to Chiang Mai to celebrate the New Year, Katie took me out to her favourite breakfast places, and it didn’t disappoint!

Chiang Mai at its most glorious on a gorgeous late December afternoon 🙂

Apart from anticipating the mischief and mayhem that was set to unfurl on the evening of December 31st, I went and visited one of the city’s most famous temples, Doi Suthep.  Unfortunately, most of the pictures turned out really bad due to low light, but these bells, which kids were gonging incessantly, made the cut.

Doi Suthep sits 3/4 up the mountain of the same name, giving visitors a panoramic view of Chiang Mai and area.

The hostel that I was staying at in Chiang Mai, the Green Tulip House, had a gift exchange for New Year’s Eve (Thais celebrate NYE like we celebrate Christmas) … my gift, 100 Pipers Scotch Whiskey went to the guy in the middle of the above photo, a friend of the owner who was a Thai policeman.  By shear coincidence, I drew his gift, a bottle of French red wine … we ended up having a few drinks, which was a unique experience, considering the power they wield on the streets of any Thai city.

See those lights in the sky?  Those aren’t stars or tracer bullet fire, those are paper lanterns released by people for pretty much the same reasons they release lanterns on Loy Krathong … they do it to release the troubles of the old year and to wish for happiness and prosperity in the new year.

This lantern was lit in honour of Dad … hopefully it sends the bad energy away from him, and brings him luck and great health in the coming year!

… and liftoff, we have liftoff!

Onward to space adventures …

10, 9, 8 …

Goodbye to the King and Queen of Thailand, see your country again in February …  the next post is taking us to our next new country in SE Asia (only took two months lol) … Singapore!




  1. Great Blog entry. I liked the part about the lantern for your dad!

    • thanks Brian!

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