Posted by: James Shannon | January 24, 2011

The Life of Pai Episode V: Rest and Relaxation

At long last, another photo essay! The bandwidth restrictions (but very lovely beaches, food and people) of Penang are behind us. As I type this, I gorge upon one of the greatest commodities in SE Asia: lightning-fast wifi. Yay for big cities (I’m in Kuala Lumpur at the moment).

Tomorrow, I board a plane for Malaysian Borneo, and while I have no idea of the internet situation where I am going, I do know that I can upload hi-res images and video and all that stuff, so here’s the fifth installment of the Life of Pai series, presented tonight in honour of my Dad, who is recovering from surgery to remove Stage I cancer (thank God they caught it early!) from his esophagus. I love you Dad, and I hope your recovery goes smoothly!

When I wasn’t seeing and experiencing the best that the Pai region had to offer, what did I do?  Chilled by the edge of my very own infinity pool of course!  Well, it wasn’t mine, but the place was practically deserted most of the time, and it only cost 50 baht ($1.65 CDN) to enter … sick life!

Blazing hot sun, ice cold water (seriously, the cold nights keep the water around 20-22c)!

Money shot…

After a refreshing swim on a hot day, I typically retired to the uber-comfortable chairs that you see in the background on the deck … all in all, this complex was one of my favourite “secrets” that Pai holds..

I wasn’t the only one one who was relaxing alot during my stay in Pai: Pichai, the neighbour’s cat, would frequently come over when his owners weren’t home (basically all the time) and cozy up on my bed … cats are awesome, by the way!

This was meant to be up days ago, but a combination of power outages and slow internet put it off until just today. The last of the Life of Pai series is coming up next post, as I have a very Thai Christmas with locals and friends alike.  See you then!


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