Posted by: James Shannon | January 12, 2011

Rain Rain, Go Away, Come Again When I’m Somewhere Waterproof (Preferably When I’m Not On A Beach)

I fell out of my normal posting rhythm … but I have a perfectly good explanation for it, I swear. Presently, I am in Malacca, on the west coast of Malaysia. Overall, I am having a great time … ultra-social hostel, going out for meals at lunch AND dinner, movies, tours, etc.

However, nature intervened and distracted me from my routine the past two days, as torrential downpours associated with the East Coast monsoon (the Malaysian peninsula is narrow at this point, and the Eastern rains drift across every afternoon) flooded through the wall and into my room the last two days. First time soaked all the clothes I had on the floor. The second time (today) soaked nothing in the room (I was ready this time, and all my stuff was on the bed/desk/chairs) … unfortunately, my backpacks, which I has placed on the roof to dry in the sun … got soaked again, worse than before!

So my clothes are mostly dry, while my packs are being dried out via the desk fan in my room as I type.

Tomorrow, it’s off to Kuala Lumpur, where it’s hopefully less rainy! If I find fast internet (and less interruptions), expect Episode III in the Pai photo essay series in 2-3 days time.



  1. Glad you’re drying out. Guess it takes awhile to get adjusted to a different climate

    Love Mom ❤

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