Posted by: James Shannon | January 8, 2011

Deleted Scenes: Witness My Sick Videography Skills + A Brief Review of Singapore

As I my last hours in Singapore draw to a close, permit me to say three things:

1) Singapore has some of the best cheap food I have eaten in my entire life, in massive heaping portions. On average, expect to spend $4-6 Singapore Dollars (~ $2.67 – $4 CDN dollars) for an entree from countless nationalities in any of the many outdoor hawker food courts! Many drool-worthy pics of said meals to come!

2) Singapore is the tropical Vancouver … rains just about every day (more so now that the NE monsoon is in effect until the end of the month), it has cheap street food … but property is as expensive as hell. Don’t even want to think about what’s I’d have to earn to just get by in one of the countless monolithic apartment blocks that litter the East side of the island. Beats what we think as retiree weather though … the record low in the city, set in 1934, is 19.4c (67f). Yeah, its pretty cosy here tempurature wise!

3) I managed to get through my time in the city without getting an appointment booked with The Cane, or without having my wallet emptied for many of the transgressions we often take for granted back home … like the food pics, examples of such egregious levies are coming when I get the Singapore post up towards the end of this month.

Tonight’s deleted scene has us on the banks of the Chao Phraya River in historic Auytthaya, Thailand, just after checking into the posh Ban Bua Guesthouse, one of the finest accomodations I had during my first tour through Thailand. This video never made it to a normal post for several reasons, the biggest of which was my horrific videography midway through the clip. The comic relief of being mispronouncing place names and nearly forgetting them more than makes up it in my humble opinion…

I’m on the move again tomorrow … I’m hopping on the Causeway bridge, which will take me across another international border to the prosperous nation of Malaysia; I will then hop onto a bus in Johor Bahru, heading for the historic city of Malacca.

Can’t wait to land in my 3rd nation in a week, talk to you then!



  1. Did you smuggle out that kilo of cocaine I asked for? lol… 🙂

    • shhhh, I don’t want to attract unwanted attention! 😛 geez 🙂

  2. Cool article on Singapore. It’s definitely different from anywhere else you go to. If you’re not sure where to go in Malaysia apart from Malacca and KL, try and visit Taman Negara (National Park) about a few hours away from KL. Then go to the East Coast – Terengganu to enjoy parts of Malaysia which is still underdeveloped. Then make sure you go to Penang to enjoy one of the best street food on earth. Trust me on that! have fun

    • Thanks for the itinerary tips, I will keep the NP in mind, as I love natural wonders!

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