Posted by: James Shannon | January 5, 2011

The Tastiest Omelet On The Internet Bar None, OR Goodbye Thailand, Hello Singapore!

Today was supposed to be a big photo essay chronicling more of my time in Pai; alas, here at NapPark in Bangkok, upload speeds are excruciatingly slow, so I’ll hold off on posting more pics for a couple days more (I hear the net in Singapore is lightning fast).

I did upload one photo, the pic below was of a scrumptious omelet that my host Katie made for me one morning while I was staying with her … it is topped with tasty Thai chili sauce (sweet and slightly spicy).

Mmm mmm! Don’t you wish you could just reach through the computer screen and grab it off my plate?  I know you do! 😛


As for my dealings over the last few days, I have been mainly chilling out at NapPark hostel, which is two streets over from Khao San Road.  Sampled some of the best Pad Thai in the country, made to order from street carts is the best way I’ve had it since I’ve been here.  I also stumbled upon an elementary school off Khao San as they were singing New Year songs on the first day back from holidays; really cool experience, watch for the clip in the coming weeks!


Tonight, I’m pulling an all-nighter, as my flight tomorrow is at 7am, meaning I have to leave for the airport at 4am to be there at 5am (you have to be there for two hours before an international flight).  Then it’s three hours in the air to one of the most baller cities on Earth, Singapore.  I’ll only be there for a few days, but it should a tasty experience, as Singapore food is some of the best in the world, at unbeatable prices!  However, food seems to be the only good deal, hence the brief stay.


From there, the path is less clear, and I’m really excited about that.  I know I’ll be in Malaysia, but apart from knowing that Kuala Lumpur is the capital, I know very little about the place … should make for some awesome adventures!



  1. check out the bhattu caves in kuala lampur james, they’re quite impressive. maybe you’ll get fleeced by the same people i did!

    • Hey Chris, glad to hear from you, it’s been a long long time since we spoke last … I will check out the caves now that you mentioned them.

      I’ve gotten ripped off a few times already, so we’ll see if I’ve learned my lesson 😛

  2. The Omelet looks very delicious! Send me a brief message you get to Singapore. I want to know that you are ok. OK?

    Love Mom ❤

  3. Should have been ” when you get to Singapore “

    • Will do, thanks Mom!

  4. James….eating an omelet! I never thought I’d see the day. You know there’s veggies in the egg, right? 😛

    • I’ve actually been a fan on omelets/scrambled eggs for a couple years now … still won’t touch egg salad sandwiches though, mayo is icky lol!

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