Posted by: James Shannon | January 2, 2011

Deleted Scenes: Lights, Camera, Action!

Tonight’s deleted scene is of one of those cool things you stumble across when you randomly wander the streets of an unfamiliar city. In this clip, there is a movie/TV show/commercial being shot (I even had to be moved back by the assistants, as I was originally getting too close to the action).

This clip was not included in the Bangkok/Auyythaya post because it didn’t flow well with the content of the post, and due to the subpar nature of the actual scene (people walking … whoo … hoo?)

And with that, it’s time to bid Chiang Mai and the North farewell, at least until late February / Early March (amazing city, definitely has long-term chillout potential written all over it,as it has the perfect balance of Thai food and culture, and Western creature comforts) … it’s onward to Sukhothai tomorrow, with Bangkok being the secondary destination, as I will be jumping a plane from there to my next adventure, Singapore and Malaysia, on January 6th!



  1. Be a good guy in Singapore, and we should try to arrange a Skype call there if you are there a few days or elsewhere…. whatever works out for you.


    • Sure, I will figure out a time and I will let you know when I land in Singapore!

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