Posted by: James Shannon | December 25, 2010

Travel Blog First: A Post In Which A Toilet Is Prominently Featured … Intrigued? Inquire Within!

With Sukhothai sufficiently explored, the next city loomed large on the horizon; Chiang Mai is Thailand’s 2nd largest city, with a metropolitan area of just over one million people. Alot of travellers rave about the place, so it was with great excitement that I stepped on the bus and journeyed for five hours to Thailand’s second city.

Briefly after arriving in Chiang Mai, the Terrific Three (not a quartet anymore, as Ash left us for a different guesthouse across the city) went looking for dinner, finding it at one of the most tackiest places I’ve seen (a burger bar, if you’re wondering) in Thailand.  I could describe it, but only a picture will do it justice … when I get back to CM, I will post it to the blog!

After two days, I switched hostels …  On the way to the new place, I circled the old city of Chiang Mai’s city walls …

and its moat!  Doesn’t look like much, but they are quite deep, and there’s actually quite a few fish swimming around in the murky depths of this ancient river!

I finally arrived at The Green Tulip Guesthouse after a half hour of walking … and boy, was it a sight for my sore eyes … easily the nicest hostel I’ve seen in a long time, very clean!

The hallway from the stairwell on the third floor…

Looking across the teak floor towards the window on the third floor (so clean!)

It’s not everyday you see a picture of a toilet on a travel blog, but this ingenious design warranted an exception in this case: pebbles may seem weird to have in a bathroom, but they massage your feet as you are doing your business … brilliant!

And the money shot: a choice view of Doi Suthep from the rooftop patio, the mountain that towers over the Chiang Mai Metropolitan Area … gonna climb that thing when I get back to CM next week (I’m in Pai at the time of this writing)

As far as major travel experiences go, I didn’t pursue any during my four days in Chiang Mai, as I was enroute to Pai, where my friend Katie was waiting for me, and I will be back in the city for the runup to New Year’s Eve, so they’ll be plenty of time to do the cooking classes, mountain climbing, and the like … I did do some urban exploration though…

Chiang Mai city park, located near the southwest corner of the old city moat

More remnants of the old city wall…

In a continuing series of temples venerating animals, I give to you: The Horse Temple (not its real name, btw)

This one’s for you Meghan (my little sister): The Scary Factory, where toys imbued with wicked spirits are churned out for all the bad little boys and girls, muahahahaha!!!


Chiang Mai is one of the cleanest, most beautiful cities I’ve visited in Thailand to date … amazing!

After this, I head to the mythical land of Pai (from everything I’ve read about it, it just as well may be), where my friend from Jasper Katie hosts me, and shows me around the valley she has called home for each of the last seven winters … I would also like to thank everyone for reading and supporting this blog this year.  The current readership is on the small side, but I have designs to take this content to a bigger audience in the New Year, so that that others may be inspired not only to travel, but to pursue anything that excites them, anything that gets their heart racing faster.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday Season … cheers!



  1. As always, a very interesting blog. Love mom

    • Thanks Mom! 🙂

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