Posted by: James Shannon | December 23, 2010

Deleted Scenes: Rockin’ It In Bangkok

Today’s video submission (due to its previous omission) takes us to the centre of Bangkok’s shopping district: Siam Square.  Among all the malls, there is one that stands out against the others in shameless largess — Siam Paragon.  It has seven floors of high fashion, high technology, expensive cars (that’s right, there’s BMW/Ferrari/Mercedes dealerships in the MALL), and anything else your heart desires … if you have money to burn.

Most people come to Siam Paragon for the food … the food court and the restaurants are overrun by Thai and Farang (foreigner) alike at all hours of the day, but they also like to congregate in a central concrete plaza between the Siam Skytrain station, Siam Centre, and Siam Paragon.  That day in that central plaza, there was a soundcheck being run for at least one band readying itself to perform later that evening; this video captures about 30 seconds of it, along with the atmosphere in the area.  This video was omitted because of the shoddy videography, but also because it was very VERY LOUD!  TURN DOWN YOUR SPEAKERS BEFORE WATCHING, OR YOU WILL DAMAGE THEM!

Thank you, and enjoy.



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