Posted by: James Shannon | December 19, 2010

Deleted Scenes: Chilling Beside The Chao Phraya River

Hello and greetings once again from beautiful Pai, Thailand!  The weather has been somewhat Canadian in the past few days (in terms of a Canadian summer … no, we aren’t waist deep in a heavy wet substance known as snow), with overcast conditions and temperatures during the day registering between a chilly 19-22 degrees Celsius (seriously, they wear sweaters and parkas when it gets that “cold”).  Today was more normal, but a little cooler than normal, as the thermometer made it up to 28c in the valley, and 25c up in the hills, where we visited the Mae Paeng Waterfall and a Lessu hilltribe village!

As for tomorrow, the plan is to head with Katie and her friend Mike to the regional capital of Mae Son Hong, where she will extend her visa for another month, while I tag along to see and experience even more of Northwestern Thailand.  On the way back, we check out the small town of Sappong, where there is a cave that is quite famous among the locals; I’ll be venturing into it with a guide and see the bats/sparrows that call this hole in the Earth home!

Onto the video: this clip was shot on day #3 of my SE Asian adventure, after an afternoon of wandering through the sois of Old Bangkok.  I reflect on what has transpired to date, and what lies ahead.  This video was omitted from the Old Bangkok post due to its length and the late hour that I was up ’til getting the post out onto the web.



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