Posted by: James Shannon | December 15, 2010

Deleted Scenes: Let’s Go For A Ferry Boat Ride In Bangkok!

Where in the world in James Shannon you ask?  Why, I’m somewhat back in my element, having landed deep within the mountains of Northwestern Thailand.  The town where I am presently used to be quite the sleepy town, but over the past decade, Pai has been “discovered”, and as such, development has followed quickly on its heels.

Outside the town itself, Pai has retained much of its natural heritage that gives the place its appeal: towering mountains, rapid-filled rivers, waterfalls, and steamy hot springs.  The air even has a distinct Canadian feel at night; that’s right, it cools off like Calgary/Banff/Jasper in the evening, and then the sweaters and toques come out in force (they sell both in the markets here!)

However, let’s direct our focus to the south for today’s post … all the way south to bustling Bangkok.  I didn’t include a video about the river taxi ride I took to the Grand Palace because by the time I finished the original post 1 month ago, it was already 2 AM in the morning, and I didn’t feel like staying up another 30-45 minutes to wait for another video to upload.

So here it is … a mega-sized version of a long-tailed Thai ferry boat … just be sure to have 10 baht ready for the toll collector, watch your step getting on and disembarking the boat, and enjoy!



  1. Very nice video. Was my imagination, or was that ferry traveling rather fast ??

  2. Hi James,
    Nice video. Was it my imagination or was that ferry bopat traveling rather fast.

  3. Oh it was moving along at rapid clip, they gotta move people around fast to hustle up a good profit!

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