Posted by: James Shannon | December 13, 2010

The Monkeys Of Lopburi: Part II

Sometime between almost hurling my Acer laptop into the street, and late last night, a miracle occurred. My wireless card, which had for some mysterious reason not picked up my guesthouse’s wifi signal, suddenly recognized it after 7+ hours of refusing to display it. During that time, I had relied on a hotspot across the street to try and get out last night’s blog post; the reception was decrepit, and halfway through uploading photos last night, the signal deteriorated to the point where doing this had become impossible.

I reluctantly waved the white flag (something I HATE to do), and headed out to the Chiang Mai Sunday night market. This thing was huge, spanning about five different streets; if you lined them up end to end, it would easily be a mile or more long, maybe even a kilometre! Didn’t find what I was looking for (headphones and wristwatch, you will not elude me for long!), so I sampled the food. Sadly, it was not that great … maybe its personal taste, but I prefer my food cooked to order, not stuff that has been sitting out for awhile.

The bulk of the remainder of this post will finish up my account of the primate-infested town of Lopburi … after this, updating the blog may or may not slow down, as I have no idea as of the availability of wifi in Pai.

On that note, I present to you Part 2 of Lopburi: There Ain’t No Business Like Monkey Business!

I know monkeys have a reputation for petty theft, but this is just getting out of hand! 😛

While making my way East through the streets of Lopburi, the density of monkeys increased dramatically, culminating in the famous Monkey Temple, where people actually feed the guys … they were everywhere; babies, mommas, full-grown alpha males.  My fear of being stripped of everything important to me by curious primates was conquered after being around this area for five minutes … they are so used to being fed, they don’t feel they have to resort to stealing, I guess!


One monkey grooms their partner, looking for lice … and eating them.  Yum yum!

At the monkey temple, I ran into Maelinka and Oliver, who I had met previously at the Ban Bua Guesthouse in Auytthaya.  We decided to hang out and travel together for a while, starting with a trip to the riverfront in Lopburi to take in the sunset that evening…

Pictures of said sunset: perfect end to a rather unique day!


With that behind us, my newfound travel partners and I made plans to set off for Sukhothai, the first capital of the Siamese Kingdom.  More adventures laid in store for us, as you will read about in the days to come!


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