Posted by: James Shannon | December 12, 2010

City Of The Apes … Errr Monkeys + Current Events in Chiang Mai

Since the night before last, I have been chilling here in Chiang Mai, Thailand’s second largest city at around a cool million people. I have switched over to the Green Tulip Guesthouse from my first home in this locality, A Little Bird.

I had a errand day yesterday, using the majority of my time to do an overdue load of laundry. I don’t know if its been said before; if not, let me say it: there’s NOTHING like a backpack full of freshy washed and dried laundry, nice and toasty and crisp!

Looking ahead, I will be checking out the famous Chiang Mai night market after the completion of this post, and starting tomorrow, I will be heading up to Pai for an indefinite period of time. My friend Katie lives there every winter (for seven years now), so I will be hanging out with her for awhile, do some hiking and dip into some local hot springs, and whatever else I stumble across!

But let’s get onto the main topic of this blog entry: Monkeys. Barrels and barrels. Of monkeys.

Enter Lopburi, Thailand: Monkeytown!

Remember a couple of posts back when I mentioned that if you didn’t want to lose any limbs, you keep them inside the train window in Thailand?  This is what I meant … and yes, the edge of the train really does pass that close to obstacles along the track.  Taken at Auytthaya train station.

I didn’t have to wait long to see my first simian in Lopburi ; on the way to my guesthouse (Noom … stay here if you come to Lopburi, affordable but awesome rooms and a great restaurant attached), a crab-eating macaque scurries on the phone/power lines, looking for an unsuspecting person carrying food/water to ambush.  Apart from the fact that there’s freaking monkeys everywhere, this is why Lopburi is so notorious among travellers and locals alike!

I didn’t do much my first night in Lopburi, as a cold I picked up in Auytthaya was peaking and didn’t feel like leaving my room, much less go exploring around the city.  Fortunately I recovered enough the next day to enjoy the King of Thailand’s Birthday (December 5th), one of the biggest (if not THE biggest) holidays of the year here.  People here LOVE their King; as the longest ruling monarch in the world, he has overseen and funded many projects that have alleviated the suffering of the poor, and has improved the standard of living for all Thais.  Pictured above is a showing of films highlighting many of the King’s good works through the years.  Great production values, surprising drama (especially in the cyclone film), and an overall amazing insight as to why the Thai people love their King with such fervour!

They say there’s no business …

… and unfortunately I’ll have to end this post here, as the net connection in typing this on is so horrendous that the rest of the pics I’m trying to upload won’t go up at all.  Really weird considering that I have a full-strength network broadcasting here that my computer can’t pick up, so I have to rely on a weak wifi signal from across the street.  Such is life.

More monkey mischievousness next time on …  The Pursuit of Excitement!



  1. Overdue laundry is the worst. I’m in that situation now, not so cool. If you go to CM for at least a month you can get decent apartments for like ~$200us or less everything in. Decent place to chill out.

    TIps hat,

    • thanks for the tip on the cheap rent, with the low cost of living, you can really live like a balla on the things that matter the most to you … speaking of which, I saw the nets for one of the cities’ golf courses on the horizon while circling the moat today. Gonna have to whack a few balls there soon!

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