Posted by: James Shannon | December 5, 2010

Youtube Can Be So Touchy Sometimes: Duplicate Video My @$$

This post was going to be the first in a series to publish videos/pictures that didn’t make the cut in previous blog posts. However, for some reason, the video I just spent all last night, and a part of this morning trying to upload won’t play, because its a “duplicate” of another video I have up already. Yes, I have a video of Cape Jack Beach already up, but it was no narration; the one I tried to post does. Also, it’s twice as long as the video that did make the cut a month ago. I’ll be e-mailing Youtube support over this, I want answers!

As far as current events go in Thailand, the monkeys (crab-eating macaques to be precise) and I are getting along fine, except for one that I surprised outside of my guesthouse window; he hissed at me (thankfully there was a screen over it).

And finally, Happy Birthday to His Majesty, the King of Thailand (this is one of, if not the biggest holiday of the year in this country!), as this was celebrated last night in Lopburi, and around the country.

Next post should contain material from my brief re-charge in Bangkok, and my time in one of the old capitals of Thailand, Auytthaya!


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