Posted by: James Shannon | November 27, 2010

Old Bangkok: From Khao San Road To Wandering Around Random Sois

This post almost didn’t happen … after returning from White Sand Beach this afternoon, I was using my handheld shower unit in the bathroom of my new bungalow, when I realized quickly that I forgot to close the door.  Long story short:  I accidently hit my open laptop with a shot of water.  I quickly dried the excess from the keyboard, and then waited with baited breath to see if my Acer had died a premature death.  As you will see below, happily, the ‘ol beast continues to function, as a variety of pics and videos await below for your viewing pleasure!

At long last, your patience has been rewarded … this post will be the beginning of a series of photo essays based on my time in Thailand in my first two weeks. This one will focus on Bangkok: The Old City, featuring the Grand Palace, Khao San Road, and more…

Setting off to see the Grand Palace; me and two German friends head out into the Old City

Fisherman guides his boat on the Chao Phraya River … looks sea-worthy to me :0

One of the illustrious spires of the Grand Palace …

Not sure who this is in relation to Buddhism, but it looks cool!

Just amazingly ornate design


The next evening, I partook in the time-honoured tradition that most travellers to Thailand partake in — cruising up and down Khao San Road, embracing it for the insane spectacle that it is…!

Another one of travel friends in BKK, Seamus, shows the Thai Ronald Macdonald the proper respect!


After 3 nights of Khao San, I had my fill of the place … so I randomly started wandering the streets of Old Bangkok…

A Khlong, or canal in Old Bangkok, giving it the nickname “The Venice of the East” … there were many more of these in the city years ago, but many have been paved over to make way for new development.

A narrow sidestreet, or soi (pronounced soy) in the Bang Lamphu area of Bangkok

The Thai tradition of sanuk, or fun, even extends to their public ordinance signs, like this one found in a park by the Chao Prahya River … run for your lives scum, IT”S MILKMAN!!!


The following day, I pulled up stakes from the Khao San Road area and moved down to Siam Square to experience the modern side of BKK … which will be featured in the next photo/video post I make (probably sometime next week!)



  1. Spectacular photos James! But I notice you’re not in any one of them. Maybe you can get your travel friends to take a few photos of you standing next to Buddha or something!

    • Yeah I should do that more often, but I like for many travel vistas to stand on their own … too much appearing in shots seems cheesy to me!

  2. Very interesting, and noisy, but I suppose that’s what you get when there are lots of people. The temples were awesome. Great blog !


    • Thanks Mom, it’s something special when you’re there physically, and not just admiring it via a photo…!

  3. Yes, James I agree with Chris… get one of your travel friends to snap a picture or two of you or of you with them.

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