Posted by: James Shannon | November 22, 2010

Happy Loy Kratong Everybody!

I’ve now spent three full days in Koh Chang, and its become apparent that I’ve found a tropical paradise. I think I have also located a place with wi-fi; if so, expect pic posts to make a comeback in the next few days. In the meantime, you may be wondering where the heck Koh Chang is … to spice up the text posts that I’ve been making, here is a screen capture of Koh Chang’s location in Thailand …

Ko Chang, a largely unspoiled paradise in the Gulf of Thailand


Since I arrived, I have been living the life of a beach bum … wake up, read for a bit, shower in an outdoor stall (really cool, but flip-flops are a MUST, lol tropical growths!), then go have breakfast/lunch at one of the local restos.  Sometimes western style, sometimes Thai food.  After, I go back to my bungalow, cover myself in sunblock and then I hit the beach.


The Gulf of Thailand is like a bathtub … shallow and warm … like 28c warm.  Outside of this, I usually read some more, often with a premium ice cream bar that cost me 45 baht ($1.50 CDN for something that would go for $3-3.50 back home).  I watch the sun set and I amble home to the sound of crickets that sound like a high-pitched drill, if you can imagine that.  I find some dinner, surf the net, have some beers and go to bed.


Apart from that lazy day described above (that was my Saturday), I have done more ambitious things in the previous two … last night was the Thai holiday of Loy Kratong, where people make and release lanterns into the closest ocean/river/body of water .  This releases all the bad things that has happened in their life in the past year, and gives thanks for the good things (most notably fresh clean water) that they have.  The lady who runs the internet cafe that I’ve used the past three nights was nice enough to make one for me (didn’t ask at all for it, awesome gesture).  I took it down to Lonely Beach, where everyone else was releasing theirs … I dedicated mine to memory of my late grandfather Belmont “Poppy” Shannon … the sight of the lanterns floating on the still tropical sea, and the full moon in its ghostly glory casting a faint light on the water created a moment that will stay with me forever.


Today I rented a kayak for 100 baht/hr ($3.30 CDN/hr) and paddled towards an offshore island … sitting on the shore of a deserted beach was a trip in itself!  I was nervous about falling in for a while, but that was my Maligne instincts kicking in … the water is surely not 4c/38f in this part of the world!


Once I get wi-fi, pics will find their way onto the blog … otherwise they will have to wait until I get back to BKK sometime next weekend / early next week!



  1. Great Blog ! Keep them coming ! LOVE MOM

    • thanks!

  2. Enjoyed your blog very much!

    • Thanks, put alot of effort into it … thanks for the ongoing support Mom 🙂

  3. Hi James

    I really enjoy your blog…I am travelling with you in *spirit*..It’s refreshing to have some one from little Havre Boucher on a trip of a lifetime such as you are experiencing…keep us posted and I will be your backpack/ homepack companion..Stay safe.

  4. Hey man!
    I think I saw you in Chang, I was Your neighbour in Ice Beach!
    We were bunch of Finnish guys mainly lying there on the deck of my boat(=bungalow) 🙂
    Nice blog you have!!
    Happy travels for you.

    • Holy $#it man, small world eh?! Awesome that you found this blog, hope you are doing well wherever you are in this wide world of ours … I’m at my parent’s home now, just got back, and then I head back to my home in Jasper, Alberta, Canada!

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