Posted by: James Shannon | November 19, 2010

I’m In Thailand, Home To Incredible Culture, Food And People — Hey I Know, Let’s Watch The New Harry Potter Flick!

Hey all,

Picture posts will be on hold until I can find a place with wi-fi here in Koh Chang, but otherwise, here’s what has gone down in the last few days…

I spent my last two days in Bangkok experiencing the more modern side of the city — I stayed in Siam Square, home to the heaviest concentration of shopping I’ve seen anywhere in the world. There are three main shopping complexes: MBK Centre (7 floors), Siam Discovery/Centre/Paragon (6 floors of wealthier goods and services) and Central World (which I missed this time around). Floors are often dedicated to certain goods and services — most notable was floor 4 of MBK, which contained 95% cell phones! Floor G of Siam Paragon was the food floor, with a food court so massive and spread out, you’ll get lost and lose count of the number of places to eat. Also, resturants that offer 4+ star meals charge prices of 250-400 baht per dish … amazing value!

Aside from picking up a travel alarm clock ($3.30 CDN) and seeing a movie (Harry Potter) for $2.65 CDN, I didn’t partake of the consumerism too heavily. On my last day in BKK, I saw the Jim Thompson House, the Central Bangkok home of the former American WWII vet turned silk businessman. He was largely responsible for introducing the fabric to Western designers, and became a very wealthy man as a result. He built a tradtional Thai house in the middle of the city, and together with the garden, it is an oasis in the middle of the seething urban megapolis that is BKK.

Yesterday, I took the Skytrain to Ekkmai bus station, and hopped in an air-conditioned government run bus (250 baht, or $8.25) to Laem Ngop, where the ferry to Koh Chang is located. Went smoothly for the most part, we stopped for lunch in Pattaya (40 baht or $1.35 for delicious fried noodles with chicken and vegetables), I got some reading done. Only thing that went awry is that the air-con conked out 3/4 of the way through the trip, but that’s life I guess.

Crossed over on the ferry for 100 baht ($3.30) … ride lasted 45 minutes, and it showered on the way thankfully, as it cooled the air somewhat. After riding a cab for another 50 baht ($1.65) and chatting up a Swedish bungalow resort owner returning from BKK with supplies, I arrived at Lonely Beach, my home for the next week!

Will try to find some wi-fi (or a USB port) to upload photos, until then, be patient, ’cause the photos are out of this world!



  1. Glad to hear your having a good time and meeting lots of people. I’m looking forward to seeing your pics.


  2. hey james-sounds like youre having a great time, checking your blog every few days-take care-clem

    • thanks Clem … hope to have a new update up today/tonight!

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