Posted by: James Shannon | November 6, 2010

Home Sweet Home: Arrival in Atlantic Canada

I gathered my things and packed up the car on a bright, sunny morning with exactly one thing on my mind: getting back to the homeland, the mother country, Atlantic Canada!  Within one hour of driving southeast on the Trans-Canada, I crossed the invisible line between Quebec and the land of fiddles, friendly smiles and cheap beer (at the bars)…

Where I was…

… and where I arrived, New Brunswick, province #6 on the trip


I wasted no time partaking in a Maritime institution when lunch time rolled around (Irving Big Stop for the win!), and proceeded to Fredericton afterwards.  I hadn’t seen my 2nd home, Aitken House at the University of New Brunswick, since the Aitken Reunion 2 1/2 years previous.  I am getting in the habit of dropping by whenever I’m in town, and on the this occasion, Alumni Rep Colton Porelle was nice enough to show me around and use a guest pass with his meal card (same old meal hall food, for those wondering 😛 )

Colton Porelle, Aitken Alumni Rep … thanks for taking the time out of your schedule to show me Aitken in 2010!


The next morning, I headed out for Saint John to see my best bud from Aitken House while I was there, Matthew Throop.  After meeting up outside of the city, I dropped my bags at his place — which had awesome design, as shown below:

Sweet leather sectional couch facing a 40″+ HDTV…

This took the cake though; as a Habs fan I give two enthusiastic thumbs up!


We then had dinner at a sports bar in Uptown Saint John called Rocky’s, after the longtime enforcer for the Saint John Flames (now defunct) …

Throop and I @ Rocky’s Sports Bar before his gentlemen’s league hockey game


After we ate (I had a full-sized burger, fries and beer for $12 — great deal), we shuttled over to the Lady Beaverbrook Rink and I watched Matt play defence in a hard fought victory over a team that was quite good…

Exciting gentleman’s league action @ the LBR in Saint John


The next morning, after thanking yet another old friend for his hospitality, I took off for the final frontier on this trip — home.

Back in the motherland


I shot a video that to commemorate crossing over into Nova Scotia, but I wasn’t counting on it being so windy … TURN DOWN your speakers, the wind is VERY LOUD!


After 3 more hours of driving from that gusty interlude, I was pulling into my parent’s driveway back in Havre Boucher.


What has happened since?


Find out what I’ve been up to the last 3 weeks … tomorrow on The Pursuit of Excitement!


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