Posted by: James Shannon | October 28, 2010

Vintage Airplanes, Wild Horses, and Farmer Golf Courses: A Eastern Saskatchewan Primer

After the marathon driving day that was the first day of the trip, this one was more more relaxed. I awoke from a long sleep, to a warm, sunny morning in the midst of the Great Plains of Saskatchewan. A welcome change from the chill and darkness of the mornings that we had endured in the latter half of our season at Maligne Lake. Not only was it 14-16c, but it was also only 9:00AM, and it looked more like 11:00AM; such is life on the far Eastern edge of the Mountain Daylight / Saskatchewan time zone!

I sauntered out to check out Good Spirit Lake, as we had arrived under the cloak of darkness the night before; the lake was big, but it appeared even larger given the flatness of the land surrounding it! Steve joined me for another walk around the lake later in the morning, very peaceful place.

The vastness of Good Spirit Lake on a gorgeous Fall morning

Good Spirit Lake, Saskatchewan, road tripSteve-O puts his guiding hat back on one last time to show off Good Spirit Lake


After we  got back to the cottage, sleeping beauty Abed had awoken.  Wanting to get cleaned up from the sweat, stubble and grime that had accumulated over the past 24-36 hours (no running water was available, as it was shut off for the winter), we hopped back in the car and made for Steve’s parent’s house over the backroads of Eastern Saskatchewan…


After getting washed up and pretty, we hung out with Steve’s folks, had a delicious brunch of French Toast with Strawberries and Whipped Cream, and caught up on e-mail.  It was then time to wander the property, as Steve showed us the farm that his folks and his grandparents ran.  The last thing I expected to see in the first building we entered was this:

planes, vintage, antiques, road tripSteve’s grandfather is quite the plane buff, as you can see


An amazing sight to be sure; it just goes to show the surprises that await you, even domestically, when you travel!  We then walked through the harvested fields that grows more vegetables, fruits and grains than I can recall at the moment, marvelling at the infinity of the land we walked on, both in terms of the horizon and its agricultural potential.

Saskatchewan, farmland, Yorkton, road tripThis scene repeats itself through most of Southern Saskatchewan … blows your mind doesn’t it?


Then we stepped into the realm of a horse who shall remain nameless (because I forget what his/her name is); we weren’t received very well:


Thanksgiving dinner was halfway prepared at this point, so Steve’s mom sent us into town (Yorkton) to get some last-minute supplies and provisions. After procuring the necessary materials, we jetted over to Mr. Bischop’s favourite nine hole golf course:  Cherrydale!

Cherrydale Golf Course, Cherrydale, Yorkton, Saskatchewan, golf, golf coursesCherrydale started as a side project for the owner after retirement: it has become a fixture in the community

golf carts, road tripPoor Abed; this was the only time he was behind the wheel of a motor vehicle the entire trip 😛


After ripping around this emerald gem in a sea of wheat in a golf cart (deftly piloted by Mr. Wahoush), we had one more stop before we had to get back for Turkey Time: Steve’s favourite fishin’ hole.  I drove the car up a path that had high grass growing in the middle portion: he told me not to worry about the undercarriage, as it would be sparkling clean after this mission 😛  We climbed a small hill, and watched the setting sun, low on the horizon over the vast Saskatchewan prairie and the well-stocked slough…

sunsets, Saskatchewan, YorktonSaskatchewan: Land of the Living Sunsets


We then got back in, had an amazing dinner, and settled in for the night, as the curtain fell on the Steve, James and Abed Variety Hour; the Abed and James show was set to begin the next morning!


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