Posted by: James Shannon | October 10, 2010

Live From the Flatlands: Road Trip Report #1 — Yorkton, Saskatchewan

Hey everybody … first update on the road, I will keep this short, as I am the guest of my good friend Steve’s parents.  I am typing this in a farmhouse just east of Yorkton Saskatchewan, after a long travel day yesterday.

We left Jasper under the cover of darkness yesterday morning, starting off as a group of 4.  Amy joined us at the last minute, needing a ride to her uncle’s in Edmonton.  Now, our car was packed full with the bags of three people (myself, Steve and Abed), so there was precious little room for anything else.

So what did we do? She elected to sit behind her giant backpack, and as a result, we could barely see her in the back seat (the pictures and video of this are quite humorous, but I will upload those later).

4 hours later, we drop her off and our party is reduced by one.  At this point I took over behind the wheel, driving from E-Town to just outside Saskatoon.  Boy, I thought Alberta was flat, but nothing prepared me for how flat Saskatchewan was; ascend a small hill, and you can see for 60+ km!

After, we had a nice pizza dinner at a place that Steve was familiar with in Toontown, shot some pool, and then drove the final 4 hours to Steve’s cabin on Great Spirit Lake, rolling in @ around midnight.  We rounded off our night drinking a few beers while watching the abbreviated version of the night’s hockey games.

Sorry if this post is a little concise and lacking detail, but I am surrounded by new, friendly people, socializing while typing, so deep thought that makes for profound posts is a little tough at the moment.

Next Stop:  Thunder Bay!



  1. Hi James,
    The 1st leg of your trip sounded cramped, but it was really nice of you to squeeze her in, lol !! And that’s physically what it was !! Can’t wait to see the video !!
    Hope all goes as well as is now. I look forward to your next post .

    LOVE MOM ❤

  2. Keep the posts coming !! LOVE MOM

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