Posted by: James Shannon | October 8, 2010

Free Food is Bad for the Waistline … but it’s Free … and GOOD!!

Over the last few days, it really has become apparent how little I need the internet to function day-to day.  I mean, there’s some functions I have to attend to every other day, like checking e-mail and Facebook.  But beyond that, I find that the net is presently little more than a source of passive entertainment consumption for me.  This is not what I want it to be, considering its infinite potential for inspiring creative and personal growth, as well as providing almost limitless means to make money.

For now however, its conspicious absence in my life has allowed me to focus more on the friends in my life, as well as the outdoors in one of the most gorgeous corners of the world.  In any event, the happenings of the last few days have served to distract me enough from having to take measures to stave off boredom at home; we had our season-ending party last night, with amazing food (the mashed potatoes provoked an immediate “OMG” reaction from me, always a good sign!), and free drinks 🙂 🙂 :), my great friend Abed dished up a huge breakfast this morning with eggs, sausage, pancakes, turkey bacon, beans, toast, etc etc; on top of this the weather over the past week (today excepted, as it rained all day) has been the summer we never got, with temperatures well over 20c on most days.

And yet, with such a great present, the future lies tantalizingly close, as I have 4 days left in Jasper as I write this.  The long-range forecast is already covering the weather through to Sunday, and by that time, I will be in Yorkton, Saskatchewan enjoying sunny skies and 20c temperatures in the heart of the Prairies at my buddy Steve’s place.  In return for taking him home, we (myself, Steve and Abed) will be spending a night at his cabin on a lake nearby (Mystery Lake?  not sure on the name…), enjoying the unseasonable warmth with a few brews!

The first leg of my first period of extended travel across Canada and around the world is within plain sight, and the excitement is welling up in me with every passing day! =)


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