Posted by: James Shannon | October 6, 2010

Day 1 without Internet: No Convulsions/Nervous Breakdowns … So Far, So Good!

Greetings everyone, from the silence of my humble bachelor apartment … damn, I now know what Rob from Stop Having A Boring Life means when he says that Internet is his Insulin.  It’s my insulin too, 11 hours without the net and I’m already starting to feel deprived of glorious, glorious information!

On the plus side, it got me out of my cave twice today, with amazing results.  Went for a walk underneath one of the bluest skies I’ve ever seen (seriously, it was like cobalt blue), and there wasn’t a cloud to be seen anywhere.  Ran into one of my old bosses from the winter, Francois, after lunch and he asked me if I wanted to have some beers in his basement bar (he’s been promising to have a few since the end of the ski season); hells yeah was my approximate answer!

One beer turned into like three and a half glasses of draft, as he showed me his fine collection of home-brewed wines and ports (everything from spicy wine to a botched batch of vino which was appropriately named “Roadkill”; gonna have to brave a glass of that when I get home from the Far East this Winter/Spring!

He also showed me his bike videos that he took by mounting a pro cam to his bike/helmet … lots of very sick s**t, as the trails in places like Whistler and Sun Peaks have these thin bridges, platforms, friggin gigantic teeter totters and wallrides.  It’s been so long since I’ve biked regularly that I think I’m gonna have to get back into it just to try this stuff!

It seems that one of our security guards @ Marmot Basin is also skilled in the art of extreme film making, as Francois also showed me a video of Dustin, the lower chalet security guy and his friends tearing up the mountain and other backcountry areas in Jasper in the last two winters before this past one.  Very high production values, watch these videos below:

Also, after some boredom started to creep in after dinner tonight, I decided to get wet @ the Jasper Aquatic Centre.  If you visit Jasper and you don’t have a hotel pool/hot tub (i.e. you’re at a homestay/hostel/campsite), be sure to check this place out.  It has a big hot tub, which in my opinion is hotter than the Miette Hotsprings; not as nice a view, but it puts the artifical cooling (54c to 38c … feels cooler than that at times, like tepid bathwater) that Parks does at the hottest hot springs in the Rockies to shame.  Aside from the 1/2 sized Olympic swimming pool, it also has a steam room, and get this … a freakin’ waterslide!  In a National Park!  First time I saw and rode it, it was kickass, and it still amuses me to this day.

Apart from the initial information withdrawal of not having internet today, I think it will good for me to get away from the constant distraction of SU, Twitter, et al for a while. I realize that I will be tempted to fall back into old habits once I have semi-regular access to the net again back home in Nova Scotia.  However, I am determined from here on out to establish a regimen that will allow me to work on the net and derive enjoyment from the net without turning it into a passive entertainment source (like our friend the TV).  This is vital to enjoy the life of balance that I’m currently striving towards, one of physical activity and mental enrichment.


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