Posted by: James Shannon | September 29, 2010

Hey Maw, I Can Shoot Videos Now + The War Against Fun’s New Front: The Neighbourhood Street Hockey Game

So I went and got a new SDRam card for my camera today … not normally a blogworthy post, but considering its 12 megapixel capacity, it was severely hampering the storage capability of the card I bought for my old, long since dead 6 megapixel unit.

As a result, I have room for 465 images rather than just 58, and 26 min of video instead of 3 minutes!  Here’s a sample of your humble host (pardon the unshaved face and messy hair lol!) below:

In other news, what is wrong with people who have boring lives?  They rain on the parade of people (even kids, especially kids) who pursue excitement in their lives.  According to the Halifax Chronicle Herald, some crank keeps calling the police on neighbourhood kids who are playing street hockey … in a cul-de-sac!  While police are forced to enforce the letter of the law against these defenceless children, the intent behind this coward’s complaints likely have more to do with his lack of tolerance of noise during the day (when everyone’s awake anyway).

Enemies of fun run rampant these days, and they take the form of everything from intolerant, thin-skinned next-door neighbours, to multinational insurance companies.  The former tend to lead miserable, boring lives, and they recoil at anything that reminds them of that, while the latter sees anything remotely exciting and life-affirming as a financial risk, jacking up premiums to make these things unattainable or unaffordable.

Let’s lead a revolution of exhilaration against these fun thieves … or they will have us walking around whispering to each other at 1pm on a Saturday whilst wrapped up in bubble wrap shirts and slacks!

The above may sound a little silly, but you have to admit that people are a little uptight these days, eh? 😛



  1. I just realized my shirt has a stain on it … FML 😛

  2. Great video, James. You have excellent picture quality and sound. It should make for some interesting videos on your vacation.Bye for now.


  3. I never noticed the stain at all…. just your big smile !

  4. I am watching a show on TV on Discovery Science that is showing a new building complex going up in downtown Singapore. It is 3 buildings attached together with a huge skye park on the top of the 3 buildings with the world`s longest swimming pool. The swimming pool overhangs the building by 280 ft and is at a height of 600 ft high and the swwimers can swim to the edge of the pool and look out over the city of Singapore. Really AWESSOME. So when you get to Singapore, take lots of pictures for me. That`s all for now.

    LOVE MOm

  5. I just noticed that all the comments have Alberta time, so just add 3 hours to that. I was never up at 6:03 am and on the computer

  6. Really!!!! Make that 4 hours !!

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