Posted by: James Shannon | September 26, 2010

Kiss it Goodbye + A Blast From the Past: James Continues to get Rid of Stuff and then Takes a Trip Down Memory Lane

My bed in the corner of my bachelor apartment in Jasper, which will no longer be my home 10 days from now…

Last night I wrote about how I had one last remaining obstacle to getting rid of my stuff before I leave J-Town.  My guitar and coffee table are the proverbial 800 lb gorillas still sitting in the middle of what is an otherwise empty apartment.

However, after briefly relaying the fact that I had these things to offload this morning to a co-worker, interest was expressed at not only accepting these items, but PURCHASING them … and I have at least 2 interested parties (yay!)

Also, I took a trip down memory lane this evening, as I was scanning and mining my old personal blog, The Chronicles of Jimmy for pictures from my recent past (circa 2004-2006). I rarely post there anymore, and I probably won’t considering this blog has taken the others mission of documenting my life in online form.  It’s interesting however to note my shift in mindset from that time to the present day, from one of throwing blind trust and faith behind the idea of a corporate career, to embracing my true nature, a man who is most alive in the outdoors and a man who embraces his entrepreneurial leanings instead of raging against them.

It’s been a long and drawn out journey to this point, and others have made this change faster than I have, but I’ve arrived nonetheless. I am dedicated to making even more structural changes to my life over the next few years, which will clean up my finances, tune up my body to where it needs to be, and allow for the life I wish to lead (travel, the pursuit of physical activities, and the satisfaction of curiosities, all with minimal interruption from income generation activities).

The trip I’m about to take will give me the taste of the much bigger lifestyle I wish to have permanently, and I’m excited beyond words of the things this wil motivate me to do in order to make this life a concrete reality!


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