Posted by: James Shannon | September 11, 2010

The Pursuit of Excitement is Back!

Hey everybody … it’s been a while since my last dispatch.  If you’re wondering where I’ve been, it seems that life got the better of me; I felt as if my voice was lost in the sea of the blogosphere, so I stopped writing.

But now I’m taking the approach of writing for myself first … if people like it, great!  If they don’t, I won’t let it bother me too much, as I’m not here to please everyone, and I’d rather have a small clan of loyal followers of this blog, than a large audience of fairweather accquaintances!

In the coming days, details of my inaugural voyage to a land that isn’t called North America (AKA SE Asia) for the first time in my thirty years of existence on this planet, randoms thoughts and philsophies on travel and life, and insider information on the Canadian Rockies from a guy who has lived here for more than a year (and has had this playground in his backyard for 4 years prior to that!)




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