Posted by: James Shannon | March 2, 2010

Aspiring Lifestyle Designers: Beware of MLM’ers Dressed Up in Tim Ferriss Suits

Searching for a quick path to LD? Then you are this guy's best friend!

In our search for lifestyle design resources, it’s easy to fall victim to hucksters looking to make a quick buck…

Beware of MLM’ers like this guycreating a freedom business is definitely doable, but laying the foundation and structure for it takes alot of work up front, there are no shortcuts!

Looking for serious guidance?  Stick with the LD Godfather himself, Tim Ferriss, and be sure to bookmark a new up-and coming superblog, Untemplater as well.  Filled with all sorts of sage advice from seasoned entrepreneurs, this site is a gem for the would-be new business owner.

Any other sites that you know of that are essential for would-be Lifestyle Designers?  Share it in the comments below!



  1. Untemplater is great (should have a guest post up on there soon).

    Also…”the art of great things” by jeff tang is one of my favorites (

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