Posted by: James Shannon | February 20, 2010

Picture Of The Week: Maligne Lake From 1000 Feet Up

Maligne Lake, as seen from the Bald Hills

Last summer, as you probably know by now if you have been following this blog, I guided boat tours on Maligne Lake in Jasper National Park here in Canada.  Maligne Lake is a tremendously beautiful place (as such, this will not be the last picture you see of this area).  It is a massive and deep glacial lake (2nd largest in the world allegedly), measuring 22km long and up to 318 feet deep.

I took this photo on a hot day in July 2009; it had been a tough, steep hike to this point, but as you can see above, the views made it worthwhile!

Now that the 5 W’s and one H of The Pursuit of Excitement are out of the way, I am curious of what I should write about next … while I will no doubt come up with something by Tuesday night, I want to hear from you guys; what do you think I should cover next?



  1. wow that is amazing. do you have any recommendations on vacationing there? like what time of year, where to stay? is it expensive…thinking my girl and I should make our way up at some point…i know we’ll have a great tour guide if we do!

    • Jasper National Park is busiest July to August, and is dead in May and October. If you want to do the hike I did, the boat tour (I’ll be there again this summer!), see all the attractions with less of a crowd, come here in June or September. Just remember to pack warm clothes for the evening/some days as the temperature can vary greatly any time of year in the mountains, but esp. in June/September.

      As far as where to stay, that depends on how much $$$ you want to spend. Cheapest option is camping (if you have your own gear), followed by the Jasper International Hostel (well out of town though just so you know!). Then you have the standard hotels that charge too much (though you might get a break on prices by coming in June/September, check to be sure!), and at the top end, you have the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge (horrendously expensive, but you definitely get what you pay for from what I hear). Your best option is to do a homestay; basically a B+B/guesthouse where you stay in a spare bedroom with a family in town. Prices vary, but it seems like the most authentic way to stay in Jasper.

  2. Thanks a lot for the info man….its on my list of places to visit

  3. […] Inspired by the comment that Jarred Alexandrov of The Upside Down Life left on the previous post Picture of The Week: Maligne Lake from 1000 Feet Up, I have decided to dedicate this next post to the top attractions that Jasper National Park has to […]

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