Posted by: James Shannon | February 16, 2010

Picture(s) Of The Week #2: Tribute to Vancouver, Home of the 2010 Spring Olympics!

If you have been wondering where I’ve disappeared the last several days, I apologize … like 90% of the people in Canada, I’ve become swept up in Olympic fever.  I realize I need to be more consistent as a blogger, but sporting events like the Olympics come around once every four years (per genre), so hopefully you’ll forgive my absence 😉

It seems only appropriate therefore, to dedicate this Picture of the Week post to the mildest (as you you’ve heard by now, they’re struggling to keep snow at Cypress Mountain, a relatively low peak), most modern and one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Canada, Vancouver!  I took these while I was on vacation three years ago; I regret that I was only able to stay for about 36 hours (one week roadtrips by car across 3000 combined kilometres are NOT recommended in my opinion!)

Enjoy the 2010 Games, and may the best country win!



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