Posted by: James Shannon | February 7, 2010

Picture of the Week #1: Patricia Lake in the Springtime, Jasper, Canada

Patricia Lake in the springtime, with Pyramid Mountain in the background

On weekends, not much goes on in the blogosphere, and rightfully so: gotta live life to the max instead of sitting behind laptops writing about living life to the max!

I will however give you a glimpse of my world each weekend, showcasing the most beautiful and inspirational places that I’ve been.  Most of the pics will initally be from Jasper and/or the Canadian Rockies though, since I have so many of them stored in my hard drive.

The first picture that you see above is Patricia Lake, a stunning aquamarine glacial lake that is located just north of Jasper, and below the mighty Pyramid Mountain, which dominates the western skyline at about 9,000 feet (Jasper elevation is about 3,600 feet)

New post coming Monday night, as I continue through the 5 W’s and 1 H of The Pursuit of Excitement!



  1. Beautiful!!

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