Posted by: James Shannon | January 26, 2010

First Post … Heyyy Everybody!

Welcome to The Pursuit Of Excitement everybody!  My name is James Shannon, but some of you may know me as “unbjames” on Twitter.  I decided to start this blog to document my journey from just another drone in the life deferrment machine (one that makes tons of money by having you believe that the only option you have in life is to work work WORK for 40+ years … or be poor/a loser/a bag lady FOREVVVVVVVVEEEEERRRR) to a member of the New Rich!

Lots of great posts coming up, which will deal with:

  • My life to this point, and what I’ve learned from trying to make the default template that society imposes on us work for me (it clearly hasn’t, and I’m happy for that 😛 )


  • The scam that is the life-deferred plan (strong words I know, but they pedal alot of promises that aren’t so rosy once you peel back the curtain and see what’s REALLY waiting for you after 40+ years of sacrifice!)


  • How to improve your life in various areas, using results that I’ve acheived. I’m not perfect (nobody is), but if you can take away one new point/idea away from anything I write, then it will have been worth it!


I just want to thank Sean Ogle of Location 180 for inspiring me to do this; I’m beyond thrilled to start doing this, and I hope it will lead me places just like it has done for you!


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